Creating your personal Brand

Situations and scenarios beyond our control may give us labels, sometimes, we can’t help it, but most times we can do a great deal by creating a personal brand.
I bet you have questions concerning Personal branding and would like to know more.

Basically, your personal brand indicates what you want others to perceive your reputation and this reflects on what you do and say. How you say it, act it and live it.

Today, your personal brand reflects the information that’s available about you on the Web, mostly on social media platforms.

How do you go about making a personal Brand for yourself, either online or offline?

I would advocate that you begin a deliberate cultivation of who you want your target audience to see and recognize you for. This will only be easy if you are authentic and true to yourself because being a counterfeit will damage your brand as simulation will only last for a while. You will consider what your likes, dislikes, hobbies, area of interests are and you will lay emphasis on them.

If the purpose of creating a personal brand is to attract good jobs, please note that you must be able to bring yourself to work the way you are. If you cannot be you at work, kindly note the possibility that you may be in the wrong job

Another way to create your personal brand is to be known for something.  What value do you intend to share or give to those that come in contact with you? One can only add value when you are precise and clear what you have to give, who to give to and how you want to give that value. After which you can cultivate and build on your skills and expertise. The goal is to attain an expert or thought leader positioning on that content or value you bring to the table. Your value-added content and in-depth expertise must precede your reputation and distinguish you from others with a similar brand.
When you are authentic and known for something, you need to have the drive sell the brand. Therefore, you need to get your acts together and prepare to be cultured and act responsibly. The truth is whatever value you intend to share is portrayed in you how live and showcase your brand. For all and sundry to accept your brand, your behavior and exemplary actions must exhibit that you are good enough to represent your brand and add value. Indiscipline may taint the brand except if indiscipline is the brand you seek to establish.
A good way to establish your brand is by sharing useful content regularly. You have all these social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Please make use of them. Get your information out there, share links on what emphasizes your brand, beliefs and expertise. Write and share articles, discuss with other people on topics that matter to you and your brand. This helps you build emotional connections to everyone interested in your brand and content value.

A good feedback system helps improve and grow your personal brand either online or offline is offline. When you are willing to request and receive feedback from your friends, business associates and clients, you open up more opportunities for growth.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that you are in continuous communication with your target audience. Place emphasis on the support provided. Your response to inquiries and requests will feed the brand growth and reputation. I guess I need not remind you that being authentic and an expert would always attract people to you.

A good personal brand attracts business opportunities, job offers, great mentors and mentees and, of course, a network of like-minded individuals to you. With an astute and distinctly defined personal brand, you can be outstanding and distinguished in your field.


Are there other ways through which you reckon we can create or establish our personal brand, Please share your remarks with us.




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