It is no news that a lot of people spend more time at work than they do at home; on average some people spend up to 8 hours daily at the office. This means that most people spend their day outside their comfort zone which in turn makes office etiquette incredibly important. Workplace etiquette helps coworkers feel comfortable around each other, and it leaves a good impression.

Aside from having a work-friendly environment, some basic workplace etiquette rules can keep the peace and harmony of coworkers in the office. The importance of office etiquette can not be over emphasized; aside making positive impression it shows how you treat people, your communication skills as well as how you manage your professional image in and out of the office space.

Here are some workplace etiquette rules that you should follow:

Dress appropriately

Not only does a dressing appropriately gives you more confidence, it also helps boost your growth and instills brand loyalty. Whether you work at a corporate firm or in an IT company, some structured organizations have dress codes; which makes it easier to make wardrobe choices. However, if you are working in a company that does not have these set rules, try and dress smartly as your professional image has exceptional value in the corporate setting.

If you’re unsure what dress code will suit you, the best choice will be to pick a traditional business dress with colors like black, blue, grey, or white. Your clothes should clean, ironed, and fit you perfectly. Avoid wearing fancy or too many accessories. If you follow a casual Fridays, do not go too casual because remember, it’s just another workday.

Be friendly to new employees

There will always be a newbies, ensure friendlier onboarding as you take the time to introduce yourself to new employees and explain what your role is. Be a friendly face on their scary first day and ensure they know areas where you can assist them in their new role.

Be accountable

Accountability at the workplace is a vital element in workplace etiquette, as it shows your level of honesty and integrity. It speaks about your character, keeps your reputation high, and builds better workplace relationships amongst your colleagues. In a workplace, workers should be held responsible for their feelings, words, and behavior, especially when they have made a mistake 

Be mindful of others

Stay mindful of those around you, particularly as you’re moving around the office. Check over your shoulder when you pass through a door and hold it open if someone is behind you. Hold the elevator door for others if they’re walking toward the elevator. If you need to complete tasks for others to perform their duties, try to finish them as quickly and accurately as possible. Use “please” and “thank you” when applicable in corresponding with others. Practicing mindfulness while working around others demonstrates your teamwork and collaboration abilities.

Be health conscious

Since the pandemic, people are more concerned about health and well-being. In fact ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of companies started working at 50% capacity as a precaution measure.

For workers who are feeling unaware of sniffle or other cold symptoms, and who might have come into work before the pandemic, should probably stay home. Workplaces can be breeding grounds for germs, and good etiquette is to avoid making others sick.


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