Who We Are

HR RESOURCE CUES is a human resource consulting and business platform that offers unique solutions to Individuals, Human Resource Professionals, start ups and already existing brands. We are set to build a community where we provide in-depth solutions covering news updates and information centered on the HR industry relevant and required to make decisions, using the right HR information for businesses and careers growth. Additionally, we have tools and features that all community members may have access to such as company policy reviews, HR templates as well as relevant laws required in an average organization. By acting as an independent third-party adviser, we aim to be a trusted resource to persons who are interested and searching for credible, reliable and quality information in the Human resource sector  in Nigeria. 

Our Vision

Is to be your ‘go to ’website for everything related to documents, templates, policies, and employment related laws in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Is to continually provide excellent and quality Human resource information to our readers, hr professionals and organizations.

Why We are Here

What We Are Doing and
Why We want to Do It

Our main objective is to create a reliable and accessible platform for individuals, Hr professionals and organizations to acquire documents, information on policies, relevant HR laws that affect their day to day activities in Nigeria.

In an environment where the internet is filled with diverse information, HrResourceCues has a strategic function to narrow down the search and provide customizable templates, policies that are applicable and suitable to our environment. We will also provide customization of such documents to suit specific needs upon request by our clients

Part of our mission is to evolve as we grow, learn and provide excellent and quality information to our readers, hr professionals and organizations.

Our Values are, Integrity, dependability, People’s development, Ethics and compliance.

We believe that there is a need for a reliable and result oriented resource center for the Nigerian market where the resources accessed have key essential information commonly required and utilized in our environment. Our documents, templates, policies are created with the Nigerian workforce in mind.

Our Site Blog will help create a community where we hope to have comprehensive articles with a feedback system that will grow into a community of knowledgeable participants. While our Cv Drop section will serve as our recruitment database for companies who are interested in our recruitment services.

We will also provide other services such as recruitment services, facilitation, learning and development, performance management appraisal as well as Human Resource Business partnering in collaboration with our partners Mareliz Consulting Limited.


Meet our
Principal Partner

Yewande Ayowole-Oso

Yewande is an alumnus of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford Executive Education’s Leadership program and She holds a B.Sc. in Estate Management from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

She is a human resource professional with vast experience in different aspects of Human Resources management and has come to appreciate her ambition in being the strategic business partner, change agent, Employee Champion, and the administrative expert.

After spending over a decade working in several organizations, she believes people are the most important resource required by an organization to excel. Hiring and keeping the right people is fundamental to any progressive organization.

She is a certified and licensed Human resource professional, an associate of the chartered institute of personnel management (CIPM), An associate project management professional with deep appreciation of the strategic role of HR in organizational growth. She is keen on creating an excellent employee-employer experience in the workplace in a way which nurtures a mutually benefit relationship for all stakeholders

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