Burden of Human Resources Lifted

Starting a business in Nigeria can be tricky and getting the Human resources aspect right can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. Our role is to take that burden off you. We help you start your business with ease and less worry about the Human resources management responsibilities

Employment contracts

We will prepare your contracts and update them in line with employment law and your company’s needs.

Staff handbook

We will provide basic company policies to ensure your employees and business are taken care of.

Health and Safety

We will work with Health & Safety Professionals to equip you with a health and safety policy, and conduct risk assessment forms.

HR Advisory

  •  We will provide advisory services as required.

HR Admin support

  • Provide updates on employment laws and statutory regulations.
  • Performance goals and appraisals
  • Onboarding, probation, and confirmation
  • Limited Payroll Services-Optional

We provide simple payroll services for staff strength of 1-10 otherwise as complimentary service otherwise, Payroll is considered full outsourced service and not within.