“Ridiculously competent is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yewande. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Yewande for 5 years now, during which we worked together on a project for a few months and as my supervisor for 2 years]. Above all, I was impressed with Yewande’s ability to be a manager and at the same time coach and mentor. And, of course, her positive attitude towards her job and accomplishing anything she sets her mind on is amazing. Wendee would be a true asset for any positions requiring Her people management skills when handling the toughest clients and even difficult subordinates, even under stressful situations, Wendee always has an unusual air of optimism, her efficiency makes it all worth the while when the job is done As a team member, or leader Wendee would earn my highest recommendation over and over again and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”